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Rocky Flintstone Unleashed

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You have arrived here because the My Dad wrote a Porno podcast in its present form has officially ended.
In the meantime I am attempting to pick up from where the podcast trio have left off. The format is different and whilst it won't be as good, witty, or funny it will have loads of new content on the Belinda Blinked world.

As of now you can delve into...

Season 1.
Here you will encounter many short episodes of Belinda Blinked the Rankings building from No 122 down to No 1. The lower we go down the rankings the more revelations are made about the characters. This is because they become inherently more interesting and as such I have much more to say in response to Sammy's comments. When Season 1 completes, I intend it to be a reference point for Belinkers who have just joined the party and for those of us who need a brief reminder of what that character is all about.
In addition you will find a compliation of seven rankings placed together helping you get through the material more quickly!

Season 2;
This is a compilation of short stories and interviews composed of completely unheard material which starts off with a New Year's Eve party at Sir James Godwin's mansion called Atlantis Hope. You will know it instantly as this is where the famous Maze and Tombola are located.
Season 2 has 18 episodes where I go from interviewing Peter Rouse, Toffee Aple Chew and so on to short stories such as Des Martin's true love, Dr Ouriques I presume? and the remaining two "Lost Chapters" which take place after the HBO show at Belinda's team building exercise in Cornwall.

Season 3;
Lockdown 69 is featured in this season of 14 episodes. All new material unless you've read the book or followed the live writing which took place each day during the worst of the Covid Pandemic. A stand alone story, it does introduce some new timeless characters who are set to feature in future seasons.

Season 4;
This season has yet to be recorded or scheduled and is a departure from the Rocky Flintstone Belinda Blinked genre. Here we feature the first book in the Bill Badger series. Running slightly in parallel with Belinda Blinked, we follow the adventures of Bill who has a job delivering exclusive wines and foods to the upmarket ladies of Central London. You'll have heard references to Harold's of Knightsbridge in the Belinda Blinked books, well yes, Bill is one of their very special employees...

So, lots of unheard of material to come, just search for Rocky Flintstone Unleashed wherever you get your podcasts from and subscribe!

You Tube;

Whilst this is an ongoing project, if you enjoy your podcasts on YouTube then the best of the worst is available now with an exciting...ish visual content...ish... Indeed I have comissioned Mouldy Wood, the Belinda Blinked books, book cover art creator, to develop a series of key moments and characters for the Rocky Flintstone Unleashed You Tube channel. It should be so much fun because Mouldy is phenomenal. Here is the link...

You Tube

I hope you'll join in and find out more about the Belinda Blinked adventures both past and present as we enter this new phase for the story. Let's also not forget Bill Badger...

Remember.... look for and subscribe to Rocky Flintstone Unleashed... on podcasts and You Tube
It's not the end... it's the end of the beginning....
Belinda Blinked...

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